Variant Labs

Variant Labs is a mobile gaming company located in Silicon Valley, California.
We provide cutting-edge mobile gaming products to our clients around the globe.


Using both AI analytical tracking and some of the most experienced players on the planet, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with fair and secure platforms.

Business Intelligence

Player trends and marketing methods are constantly monitored to ensure long-term retention and healthy returns on investment. We know your business!


Our game designs are molded to fit specific regions, demographics, and markets. We look for innovation, excitement and are constantly evolving with the trends.

Advancing state-of-the-art Big Data, Analytics and AI solutions for Game Intelligence, Conversion Optimization and Fraud Detection, we deliver technology innovations for the 50+ billion dollar industry of safe, trusted and fair mobile games.

Intelligence – Know What Matters

Customized to your mobile games, our analytics engine sifts through large and heterogeneous datasets to reveal acquisition and onboarding performance, engagement, profitability, retention and player lifetime value.

Act on the biggest opportunities.

Optimize your games for greater engagement and retention using our data- and intelligence-driven solutions for adjusting game dynamics including player pairing, team formation, player pool segmentation, and bonus and leveling systems.

Make it safe and fair.

Apply our game-theory and machine learning based models to understand the fairness of your mobile games, detect predatory behaviors, cheaters and bots and optimize for long-term user satisfaction and retention.

We are backed by clients that are leading networks of mobile games. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, our team is composed of Bay Area executives, Stanford graduates & researchers and remote world-class talents recruited from all over the world.


Security is of the utmost importance to Variant Labs and to our clients. We assure a fair and balanced gaming environment by utilizing modern technological data, aligning with the most experienced players and employing a team of manual game trackers.

Business Intelligence

Understanding the evolution of your player pool is essential to long-term survival and growth. Variant Labs has had massive success in creating mobile gaming business models, marketing those games to target specific players and maintaining those players’ interaction with our products.


Design is a critical aspect of gaming that Variant Labs takes to great importance. From low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity mockups, we ensure that our games receive the attention of the very best user-interface and game designers. We are always on the lookout for rising talent.